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As part of your training or course of study we can offer internships in these specialist areas:


1. Nature Protection Fund, Public Relations and Foundation Administration in Dresden

2. Academy in Tharandt

3. National Park Centre in Bad Schandau


We agree an internship programme with you, considering your requirements and area of deployment, as well as the time period desired.


If this is of interest, please get in touch by phone or in writing, and send us your application in good time, including the following information:

  • Tell us about the motivation behind your application and the area and time period you would like your internship to cover.
  • CV
  • References
  • Reference about current training or further education status / examination results
  • compulsory internship certificate

Contact partner

Anke Belafi

Sächsische Landesstiftung Natur und Umwelt
Riesaer Straße 7
01129 Dresden

+49 (0)351 - 814 16 798
+49 (0)351 814 16 775