Lanu - Normale Ansicht

Mission statement

Educate, support, preserve, create - together for nature and the environment in Saxony”

The Saxony State Foundation for Nature and the Environment is a partner active all over Saxony for the protection of nature and environmental education. We see ourselves as an authority in the field, a modern service provider, and visionaries. The Academy, the Nature Protection Fund and the Saxon Switzerland National Park Centre all belong to the State Foundation.

Our task

  • The State Foundation pursues exclusively and directly not for profit aims.
  • We promote protection. preservation and care of nature and the countryside as a basis for all life as well as the understanding for nature and environmental protection issues in science, education and the general public.
  • We are actively engaged in sustainable development in the Free State of Saxony and protecting the natural inheritance for future generations.

Our aims

  • As the first point of contact for environmental education in Saxony we contribute to sustainable development, under consideration of ecological, economic and social criteria.
  • We develop ongoing environmental education, highlight new perspectives, and increase acceptance for nature and environmental protection issues.
  • We promote and support naturally and environmentally sound development and support local nature protection work.

Profile of our services

  • Our educational programmes communicate the latest scientific findings in the field of nature and the environment, in a practical, usable way. They enable participants to pass on their knowledge, to incorporate it into their own daily lives, to establish connections and lastly take on responsibility for nature and society.
  • We promote and support our partners in the execution of projects and education programmes.
  • We offer service and coordination within networks to aid environmental education and the Regional Agenda 21.
  • We promote practical nature protection projects for conservation and care of the countryside, and support public relations work.
  • We acquire areas of environmental importance, to preserve nature worthy of our protection, and to create uninterrupted habitats.
  • We develop and implement model projects which encourage individual initiative.
  • Exhibitions, publications, campaigns and events, plus mobile environmental education enrich the profile of our services.

Our values

  • We meet a high quality standard in all areas of our work.
  • We work in a reliable, flexible and creative way, and rely on trusting, constructive and respectful collaboration between staff, clients and partners.
  • We live our learnings in our own organisation and implement principles of sustainability in all areas of our work.
  • Our programmes and services are oriented towards residents and visitors to Saxony, to decision makers and multipliers in business, science, education, politics, media and culture, to clubs and associations and also volunteers active in environmental and nature protection.
  • We pay particular attention to children and young people as those destined to shape the future.

Our claim

  • Our programmes and services are up to date and future oriented, and are provided in a way which aims to be in touch with people, can be financed, and delivered free from any barriers where possible.
  • Our resources are used efficiently.
  • We assume the position of a role model for nature protection and environmental education in Saxony and continuously adapt our content to the requirements of sustainable development.
  • A quality management programme helps us critically evaluate our activity.
  • We involve partners in our work and engage promoters for environmental and nature protection from the world of business, science, education, politics, media, culture and the community.
  • The individual educational sites also act as meeting points and educational centres.
  • International collaboration - particularly with our direct neighbours - is carried out and developed on an ongoing basis.