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National Park Centre

Since October 2001, the Saxon Switzerland National Park Centre in Bad Schandau, one of the most modern nature protection information centres has been open to visitors. The structural conditions plus content and conceptual development for the National Park Centre as an environmental and visitor centre, meeting point and educational centre in the National Park region of Saxon Bohemian Switzerland were created thanks to financial support from the German Federal Environment Foundation and the Free State of Saxony. Over 1,300 square metres of space is available in the former cinema in Bad Schandau, spread over 3 exhibition levels, where interesting information about the particular issues within the National Park is displayed.

This also aims to reach visitors from the Czech Republic, with a view to the desired Large Scale Protection Area of Saxon Bohemian Switzerland within the Euro region of Elbe/Labe in collaboration with the Czech Republic. So the National Park Centre provides all information in Czech, and the computer animations and multi vision displays are also in English. The building was constructed with consideration of ecological issues with its own aligned energy concept. Visitors can experience two multi vision shows on a rock face over 10 m high, as well as an interactive exhibition about the wilderness and another about the cultural landscape. Numerous information and educational programmes as well as events attract visitors to the building and spread knowledge about nature protection and regional sustainable development. The “Restaurant der Jahreszeiten” or “Restaurant of the Seasons” offers regional and ecological specialities, mainly from producers in Saxony, as well as Fair Trade products.


Dr. Sabine Stab

Sächsische Landesstiftung Natur und Umwelt NationalparkZentrum Sächsische Schweiz Dresdner Str. 2 B
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