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Burgberg Meissen

The view of Meissen is particularly characterised by the Burgberg. The Albrechtsburg counts as the first castle built in Germany and the “Cradle of Saxony”. Together with the Meissen Cathedral, the Albrechtsburg are the hallmarks of the city, and the Burgberg is visited by guests from all over the world.


The Elbe Valley has been well characterised by wine production for centuries making it an unmistakable cultural landscape. Wine has been produced in Saxony for 850 years as one of the smallest wine producing regions in Germany. In the past, the southern side of the Burgberg was also used as a wine terrace for several decades. Later, the slope was no longer cultivated and so became increasingly overgrown.


The Saxony State Foundation for Nature and the Environment Nature Protection Fund acquired part of the southern Burgberg, in order to recreate a terrace vineyard and plant vines. This has upgraded the appearance of the town of Meissen, and made a sustainable contribution to preservation and re-creation of the natural and cultural heritage of the wine producing countryside of the Elbe Valley. The planting of vines will all help environmental eduction in the future.