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Exhibition “Protection of Species Worldwide”

The exhibition “Protection of Species Worldwide” at Leipzig-Halle and Dresden Airport was opened as long ago as 2004.


Many travellers are struck by exotic displays in glass cabinets at locations in the airports where they are either beginning or ending a journey. These include souvenirs and gifts from all over the world which have come out of the illegal trade in animals and animal products which are heavily protected because of their scarcity.


These were seized by customs officials, who make an important contribution to the suppression of smuggling. Their enormous success in seizures shows that these controls are absolutely necessary. Many of the items on display originate from the tropical rain forests. The second part of the exhibition takes the form of picture boards showing the protection of this incomparable, yet threatened habitat.


Every day, many square kilometres of rain forest fall victim to deforestation. The habitats under threat can only be saved by an awareness of the interdependencies involved. In this exhibition we would like to highlight the global importance of the rain forests and show their unique beauty.


Leipzig/Halle Airport