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Mobile environmental unit

Discovering and exploring nature and the environment means being out and about, in forests, in the fields, by lakes and rivers in school gardens or in the town. In every area there is also a range of discovery and experimentation options for pupils and teachers. The educational and science-qualified staff in the Saxony mobile environmental unit will be by your side at all times offering support.

The mobile environmental unit offers environmental educational work in the sense of education for sustainable development in the whole Free State of Saxony. Our aim is to experience, explore and observe nature with the students, and to understand the ecological connections.

The mobile environment units are laboratory vehicles for experimental work in the open air, presentation (micro projection unit with large screen), and documentation (notebook).

Out target groups are students of all ages, as well as facilitators such as teachers, educators, student teachers, people on their voluntary ecological year, environmental educators, representatives from children’s and youth work.


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