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Grabschützer Lake nature trail

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The path and nature trail in the Grabschützer lake post-mining landscape

The path and nature trail, which has been set up in the Grabschützer lake post-mining landscape, has opened up a sensitive habitat and made it habitable once more. A total of 17 stages explain the history of the landscape, geology, flora and fauna, as well as the ecology of the mining landscape to the visitor. Projects which have started in the area such as the re-stocking with Scottish Highland deer and “Species Rich Green Area” as well as concepts of process conservation are presented and explained, The nature trail is designed to encourage the visitor to observe and engage actively with the historic, geographical and biological aspects of this area. This makes it particularly suitable for educational work, for example with school classes.

This diverse, 7km long circuit around the Grabschützer lake is fully integrated into the regional network of cycle and walking paths, and invites users to make a trip into really special countryside. There are many interesting aspects to learn about the area before, during and after the period of lignite mining, on foot or by bike. A small brochure, which also aims to remind us of the former town of Grabschütz completes the information on offer, and can be requested from the Nature Protection Fund of the Saxony State Foundation.


In addition, specially trained guides offer guided tours along the circuit. For further information please contact the Verein Mühlenregion Nordsachsen e.V. on 034208 78730.


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