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Schülerweinberg Rosengründchen
Meissen Students’ Vineyard

Meissen Students’ Vineyard

01/06/2006 - 31/12/2020

For this environmental education project, the Saxony State Foundation for Nature and the Environment has leased some vineyard land from the Meissen e.G.Wine Producers’ Cooperative, and the Cooperative also acts as our wine-cellar and wine preparation partner. After extensive test, the vineyard site in question in “Rosengründchen” or the Rose Garden” in Meissen has proved to be suitable as an entry into the Student’s Vineyard project, and the students from the State Grammar School started work on the first practical tasks in the vineyard with their teachers and supervising vintner as early as February 2006.

A group of up to 20 students per school year takes on the care of the vineyard plots. The work is carried out on a voluntary basis within the “services” in years 9-12 and within the framework of weekend events. Focal points within the content such as the history of wine production in the Elbtal Valley, information about botany, physiology and ecology, biochemistry, soil science etc can be developed by teachers and specialists in the context of lessons.

An experienced vintner oversees the cultivation process from planting to harvest. He organises all stages of the cultivation process in the vineyard, and involves the students in the work in an appropriate manner. All work required in the vineyard is only carried out under supervision by vintner in charge.

Preparing the wine is then handled by the Wine Producers’ Cooperative, including a cellar tour for the students and theory training. If required, a visit to a private vineyard can also be organised, to give the students an insight into different business philosophies.

The knowledge acquired is then passed on from the experienced students to the next group. Cultivating the vineyard is set to become a tradition at the State Grammar School and a firm component of their voluntary activity.


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