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The Green Uni

Within a team of deeply engaged, experienced environmental educators, using impactful experiences, the Green Uni aims to strengthen the relationship with nature, present environmentally friendly behaviour and so promote responsible inter-action with a natural and cultural landscape.

The programme ranges from project days, class trips for schools, weekend camps, holiday camps, right up to guided walks with qualified natural park guides.

The Green Uni stands out particularly because of its alternative “learning locations” in Dresden, the National Park area of Saxon Switzerland, in the district of Saxon Switzerland Osterz Mountains, Lausitz, and the Dübener Heath Natural Park, as well as its range of curriculum oriented and cross-subject programmes.


Uni im Grünen e.V.,

Dresdner Straße 2 B,

01814 Bad Schandau

AB & Tel.: 035022 / 569 817

Mobil: 0175 / 25 36 178


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