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Bat campaign

There are a lot of activities supporting the campaign to protect bats in Saxony. Information is distributed to the local population to let everyone know how they can help preserve and expand on the number of bat accommodation. Based on a model in Thuringia, the Nature Protection Fund started the campaign “Come on in Mr bat” in 2001, the International Year of the Bat”, to help contribute to the protection of these building inhabiting animals.

Bats are threatened with extinction. All the different types living in Germany are under strict protection of the National Nature Protection legislation. Germany actually signed the European Agreement on Bat Conservation as long ago as 1991. This created an obligation to bring in appropriate measures.

The problem:

Particularly in recent times, many bat habitats have fallen victim to necessary renovation work carried out on buildings using modern construction technology. There is almost always a way to design the building in question in a bat friendly way, which is often not considered due to uncertainty or indifference.



This campaign aims to make as many levels of the community as possible aware of the subject of protection of bats and their habitats. Passing on specialist knowledge will inspire residents to find ways they can help preserve existing or create new accommodation in the area where they live or work. In the longer term, this should create a basis for ongoing protection of accommodation for bats in and around buildings with the support of residents and owners.



The response to the campaign was unprecedented. 637 posters have already been sent out all over Saxony, mainly to private home owners, but also to public bodies.


Touring Exhibition:

To give manageable and comprehensive information about the campaign, a touring exhibition has been developed, showing the course of the campaign to date. It can be booked with the Nature Protection Fund.


Painting and story competition

In 2003, the painting and story competition targeted all schoolchildren from the 3rd to 8th class. The best of the 1500 entries were displayed at a major closing event on the 16th May 2004 in the National Park building and published in a brochure by kids and for kids.

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