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Dormouse campaign

The dormouse is small, shy, and mainly out and about at night in dense bushes - so really hard to see. That’s why we know very little about where they have made a home in Germany. We assume that the dormouse has lost a lot of its natural habitat. So they are now an endangered species. On our nut hunt, we want to discover where they are hiding The first nut hunt was held in Saxony in 2004, and then the nut hunters went on tour in Schleswig-Holstein and Hesse. The haul of half eaten nuts is considerable. Results from these three Federal states also confirm that dormice numbers have fallen. For many regions we still know too little about the distribution and threat to the dormouse. That’s why we need your help as an explorer on the Great Nut Hunt. All you have to do is look for hazel nuts that have been nibbled in the woods. What you have to do next is on the Nut Hunt page for your area.

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