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Field Hamster Alliance

Some only know them in captivity, others have already seen them in the wild: Cricetus cricetus, better known as the Field Hamster,is a nocturnal ground dweller with well developed cheek pouches and a preference for storing food. Their activity on the ground contributed to the development of productive and fertile soil, long before man cultivated the fields.


Only a few decades ago, field hamsters were viewed as a plague. Wherever they appeared, there as damage to crops. Due to their delight in mating and lack of natural enemies, numbers grew rapidly - agricultural losses could only be stemmed by targeted action.


Today, the situation has turned through 180 degrees: The field hamster is under threat of extinction Saxony. Even in their last refuge in North West Saxony, there are only a few dispersed occurrences.


Agriculture and nature protection have come together to protect the field hamster: In the agricultural land between Leipzig and Delitzsch hamster numbers should thrive - under consideration of the cultivated fields.


The North West Saxony Conservation Association of NABU - Nature Protection Federation of Germany, Saxony State Association and the Saxony State Foundation for Nature and the Environment Nature Protection Fund are working together on this, with the support of donors and sponsors including Audi AG, and MITGAS.

You can also support the work to preserve field hamsters living in the wild!


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