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Campaign “The Dance of the Glow Worm?”

On the 20th of November 2009, the public closing event of the Saxony wide campaign “The Dance of the Glow Worm?” took place in idyllic Diesbar- Seußlitz.


The invited guests including patron State Minister Frank Kupfer MdL, H.R.H. Gisela Princess of Saxony, Mayor Gerd Bartholt and many more were welcomed warmly into the guest area and their attendance was rewarded with an interesting, entertaining programme. The aim of the event was to show the results of the 3 year campaign and to celebrate the success of the project together.


The campaign “The Dance of the Glow Worm” aims to capture the incidence of this beetle right across Saxony for the first time. The State Association for Saxon Domestic Protection, the NABU Saxony State Association - AK Entomology, the German Association for Landscape Conservation, the Saxony State Office and the Saxony State Foundation for Nature and the Environment Nature Protection Fund all took part in this task.


Dr. Matthias Nuß presented the results and scientific assessment of the results of the investigation on the evening. He reported on 3,998 sightings of glow worms made from 2007 to 2009 for all (old) districts of Saxony,described the flying time of male glow worms, which generally lasts from the 2nd of June to the 1st of August, reaching a peak around midsummer’s day.revised the old saying “you used to see glow worms flying more often”. For one thing is clear: “The glow worm is widely distributed across Saxony today, and after this campaign, it is one of the best researched species of insect in Saxony” according to Dr. Nuß (you can find more information on our flyer Results of the search operation in Saxony).


Ultimately the campaign made all ages across the generations aware of the subject and encouraged them to get involved. Four participants in the campaign showed a particular level of engagement. So Frau Dr. Anne Wächter from Langebrück, Herr Alf Terpe from Zabeltitz, Herr Ekkard Seidl from Markneukirchen and schoolgirl Caroline Möbius from Diesbar-Seußlitz received special awards and a memento at the closing event.


The event came to a close with a theatrical performance of “How Glow Worm Levon Learned to Dance” by the “Erlichthof-Gaukler” from Rietschen, which was a great success!


Children over 8 in particular are encouraged to take part as “explorers” vie print media and the website This has created a new way to get children and young people involved in environmental education.

You will find more information about the project at: