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“Living Luppe”

A project within the Federal Biological Diversity Programme

From the 25/6/2012 to the 30/4/2018 The city of Leipzig has undertaken a major project in association with the NABU Saxony State Association - the “Living Luppe”. Attractive meadow landscape as the lifeblood of Leipzig - Biological diversity brings quality of life into the city. A support contribution was made by the Bundesamt für Naturschutz (BfN) - the Federal Nature Protection Office as part of the national “Biological Diversity” programme. The Nature Protection Fund of the Saxony State Foundation for Nature and the Environment is also supporting the project with €150,000.

The distinctive project area lies in the north-west of the city of Leipzig, and is adjacent to parts of the Northern Saxony district (Schkeuditz) on the western border. It is defined by the historic course of the Luppe with its various branches, river wilderness and ancient stretches in the north west region of Leipzig. For the city of Leipzig and its inhabitants, this meadow area acts as a area to recover in, as a supplier of fresh air and also as a CO2 store and could also become important as a high water regime again. A number of measures related to opening up the area, cleaning it and re-naturalisation of the flowing water have helped improve the water quality significantly, but it still lacks the dynamic of a pasture. With this in mind an idea for the Luppe was developed to create an area of flowing water which would be as close as possible to water conditions and biotope structures typical of a meadow area in this landscape. The project was supported by researchers from Leipzig University and other environmental groups.


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