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In particular resources for alternative nature protection payments in accordance with §10 Para 4 Sächsisches Naturschutzgesetz (SächsNatSchG) - the Saxony Nature Protection Laws are allocated to the Nature Protection Fund. These are used for nature protection projects and countryside preservation, mainly in the course of structural intervention in nature and the countryside, and where possible, physically close to the location of the intervention. This includes, for example, water cleansing and renaturation projects, improving protected habitats and the countryside by planting, protection of endangered species, cleaning, care and preservation of natural monuments and much more. By means of “Other Resources” such as donations, interest earnings, fines or other contributions, the Nature Protection Fund can also finance research and model studies, education, further training as well as scientific and other general studies, alongside the projects listed above. They also encourage and support publications.

The support regulations within the Nature Protection fund govern for example the support focus areas in the area of Nature Protection and rural conservation. Specifically that includes:

  • Habitat and rural conservation. In particular this includes projects for the preservation and conservation of the habitats of animals in the wild and the plants found there, as well as elements of the typical local rural structure,
  • habit preservation, development and shaping as well as the biotope network. This covers both measures for the improvement, and re-creation of existing typical rural biotopes as well as new formation of these within the context of safeguarding or developing a biotope network.
  • Species protection Projects eligible for support in particular include those in the area of species protection, as well as protection projects aimed at the preservation, safeguarding or re-creation of stocks and habitats of endangered animal and plant species.
  • Area safeguarding. In individual cases, if the implementation of a project depends on the availability of sites required, and the Foundation itself is not interested in acquiring the sites, then it is also possible to support the acquisition or other civil law safeguarding as an integral element of the overall project to an appropriate extent

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