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Bad Gottleuba / Flood Plains

Project AreaSaxon Switzerland District - Osterzgebirge
AcquisitionOctober 2009
Size7.73 ha
Flora-Fauna-Habitat (FFH)
Protected Landscape Area (PLA)
Natural Monument (NM)
Managementlocal agricultural business

Importance as a Natural Protected Area:

The area consists mainly of flood plains of the Gottleuba and belongs to the FFH area “Gottleuba valley and bordering deciduous forests”. This is why the area has special European level protection status.


The aim is to support the undisturbed and natural development of the immediate river bank area of the Gotteluba river. Alder-ash riverside forests, meadow grassland and cut flat land meadows are the particular features in the area. Bullheads, otters, mouse eared bats, barbastelle, lesser horseshoe bats, and dusky large blue butterflies are among the protected species which can be found in the area.


By acquiring the sites, the LaNU Nature Protection Fund has ensured the long term preservation of this area in the context of nature protection.


Conservation and Development:

By acquiring this site, the LaNU Nature Protection fund is supporting the project “Implementation of a concept to preserve and develop natural altered meadow areas of selected mid mountain ranges in the Osterzgebirge area”. Within the project, nature protection guidance, documentation and evaluation of the development of altered flowing water sections was carried out. The aim was to develop a concept to determine how to handle the re-created meadow structures sensibly from a nature protection point of view.


Combating the existing neophytes (imported plants, not indigenous to Germany) in a gravel area represents a major problem here. Biotope and countryside conservation plans have also been drawn up in cooperation with Dresden Technical University. Above all, Japanese knotweed can be found in the area studied. This can be restricted by pulling out the young plants.

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