Lanu - Normale Ansicht

Brösen / Giksteich

Project AreaMid Saxony District
AcquisitionOctober 2001
Size6.32 ha
Natural Protected Area (NPA)
Fauna-Flora-Habitat (FFH)
Protected Landscape Area (PLA)
Special Protected Area (SPA)   
ManagementLocal agricultural cooperative   

Importance as a Natural Protected Area:

The area is in the NPA “Kirstenmühle/Schanzenbachtal“ and is characterised by a small-scale mosaic of beech forests, meadows, bodies of water and water’s edge areas. The proportion of deadwood is particularly worth mentioning. The Giksteich pond, a former mill pond, and the neighbouring Schanzenbach stream offer a habitat to many important types of amphibian, for example fire salamanders, small water frogs, moor frogs and spring frogs.


The area is an ideal hunting ground for many types of bat, such as the noctule, the Daubenton’s bat and the brown long-eared bat, and has been a habitat for beavers for many years. In 1999, 66 breeding species of birds were found there, including the red kite, the black kite, the tawny owl and the long eared owl. There was even evidence of a possible brood of little owl. Open stone cliffs were populated by heather, sheep’s fescue, hawkweed and sticky catchfly, amongst others.


As the area is registered as the FFH area “Muldentäler above the confluence”, it has a special European level of protection status.


By acquiring the sites, the LaNU Nature Protection Fund has ensured the long term preservation and development in the context of nature protection.


Conservation and Development:

An area of around 1 hectare was leased out to a local farming cooperative for nature protection agricultural use.

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