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Kulkwitz / Kulkwitzer Lachen Lakes  

Project AreaLeipzig District
AcquisitionJune 2003
Size32.11 ha
Natural Protected Area (NPA)
Fauna-Flora-Habitat (FFH)
ManagementNABU Saxony State Association

Importance as a Natural Protected Area:

The Kulkwitzer Lachen lakes are located in a mine subsidence area. Wetlands are now found in this post mining landscape, independent of the seasonal water level. This has led to silted areas and also area of open water.

These conditions have given the area great importance as a habitat and resting place for songbirds and birds of prey, as well as other endangered animal species, including crested newts and fire bellied toads, little bitterns, spotted crakes, red backes shrike, and great reed warblers.


In terms of flora, the star duckweed and the tall buttercup are worth mentioning, as they are both on the Red List of endangered fern and seed plants in Saxony. The area has been recognised as an FFH region, and so has special European level protection status.

By acquiring the sites, the LaNU Nature Protection Fund has ensured the long term preservation of this area in the context of nature protection.


Conservation and Development:

In order to preserve the well structured area, it is cut once a year and grazed extensively with Scottish highland deer.

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