Lanu - Normale Ansicht

Lichtenhain / Meadow in Kirnitzschtal valley

Project AreaSaxon Switzerland District - Osterzgebirge
Acquisitionsrpen 2003
Size2.80 ha
National Park (NP)
Flora-Fauna-Habitat (FFH)
Special Protected Area (SPA)
Managementlocal agricultural business

Importance as a Natural Protected Area:

The area is protected by Nature Zone B (“development zone”) of the Saxon Switzerland National Park. This includes area which were significantly changed by people in the past, and are to be stabilised over a transition period of 30 years, to bring them back to Nature Zone A status (Total Reservation), which are then left to nature without any intervention.


Above all, the area is characterised by the prevailing forests, meadows and hollows.

By acquiring the sites, the LaNU Nature Protection Fund has ensured its long term preservation in the context of nature protection.


Conservation and Development:

Part of the grassland (1.43 ha) is leased to a local agricultural business for natural farming. To preserve the open land, the grassland is cut at least once a year, and the cuttings are also collected. The use of the grassland restricts the spread of neophytes, including jewelweed or giant hogweed for example.


The remaining area in the southern half of the site has already been given over to succession and natural development.

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