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Meißen / Burgberg

Project AreaMeissen District
AcquisitionJanuary 2007
Size0.19 ha
Péče o lokalituSt Afra State Grammar School in Meissen
Hoflössnitz Foundation and Vineyard (Radebeul)

Importance as a Natural Protected Area:

Part of the area on the southern side of the Meissen Burgberg belongs to the the “Ratsweinberg” estate, and was acquired for the “Students’ Vineyard” project.


The reconstruction of a terrace vineyard and the vine planting at Burgberg by the LaNU Nature Protection Fund has re-created the characteristic appearance and historic look of the town in an sensitive part of the inner Old Town, enriched by a vineyard.

Biotopes for warmth-loving species such as sand lizards, red mason bees, and numerous small creatures have been created, due to the extensive construction of dry stone walls on the terraces, with support from the resources of the Free State of Saxony. Wild tulips, wild garlic and lichwort also find a home here, as do many types of bird. This makes this project a role model for the positive collaboration of land use and nature protection. Existing biotope areas are cared for and further preserved.


The vine planting was carried out from April 2012 with bio-certified planting material of common European grapes Johanniter and Regent to create an ecological vineyard.


The project area is characterised by its south facing slopes, gradient of 60%, thermal winds and a long frost-free period.


By acquiring the site, the LaNU Nature Protection Fund has ensured the long term preservation and development of the area for nature protection and environmental education.


Conservation and Development:

The Students’ Vineyard at Burgberg Meissen will continue to operate as a Nature Protection Fund project, with supported by the cooperation of the St Afra State Grammar School and the Foundation/VIneyard Hoflössnitz, Radebeul.


The students learn about the work of the vintner and the nature protection side of the “vineyard” habitat, take part in biotope improvement activity and learn about the peculiarities of ecological cultivation.


This makes the vineyard a really rewarding asset, both in a nature protection and educational sense.

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