Lanu - Normale Ansicht

Pratzschwitz / Wesenitz

Project AreaSaxon Switzerland District - Osterzgebirge
AcquisitionJanuary 2010
Size1.76 ha
Flora-Fauna-Habitat (FFH)
Special Protected Area (SPA)
Protected Landscape Area (PLA)

Importance as a Natural Protected Area:

The meadow site acquired by the LaNU Nature Protection Fund is part of the FFH area “Wesenitz below Buschmühle” and so has special European level protection status. Some seriously endangered plant and animal species live in the protected area, for example the beaver.


By acquiring the site, the LaNU Nature Protection Fund has ensured the long term preservation and development of the area in the context of nature protection.


Conservation and Development:

The meadow is cut twice a year and then grazed by sheep.


Furthermore, willow trees and white elms were planted in collaboration with the Sächsischen Landsiedlung (Saxony Land Settlement or SLS) as a replacement measure. The aim is to develop a cut flat land meadow, using sheep to cut back the shrub and stinging nettles using sheep.

Sophie Löbel

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