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Raunerbachtal /Fresh water pearl mussel project

Project AreaVogtland District
AcquisitionFebruary 2008
Size2.97 ha
StatusFlora-Fauna-Habitat (FFH)
Protected Landscape Area (PLA)
Natural park (NP)
Natural Protected Area (NPA)
Natural Monument (NM)
ManagementVogtland District

Importance as a Natural Protected Area:

Across Europe, stocks of the freshwater pearl mussel are under serious threat, and they are classed as “threatened with extinction” on the Red List in the Federal Republic of Germany. The last three incidences in Saxony can be found in Vogtland, and they have now reached an age where natural population development can no longer be guaranteed. Semi natural breeding has been carried out successfully for years in the Tri-State area of Bavaria-Bohemia-Saxony in order to preserve the fresh water pearl mussel. The first young mussels were released into the wild in Saxony as early as 2006. In order to carry on the efforts, however, setting a station was urgently required.

The old farmhouse in Raunerbachtal, purchased in 2007, was regarded as particularly suitable due to its proximity to the neighbouring “Perlbach” (water extraction point) and its infrastructure links to local activists, and so was bought by the LANU Nature Protection Fund at their request.

On the 16th of May 2012, the first phase of building was completed with the “Fish Holder”, which was then handed over to the Vogtland District and work started on mussel breeding.

The water needed for holding infested brown trout (host fish) for harvesting glochidia is pumped out of the Raunerbach stream and then fed back to the stream via a circuit with appropriate filters.

In order to limit the action area to the Perlbach streams, other surrounding areas were acquired in the FFH area “Raunerbach and Haarbachtal”. They have European level protection status.


Conservation and Development:

To preserve the freshwater pearl mussel in Vogtland, a cooperation agreement was concluded on the 18/1/2012 involving the Vogtland District, the South Saxony Anglers’ Association, the Erzg./Vogtl Natural Park Association and the Vogtland Nature and Environmental Centre (NUZ).

The aim is to preserve existing stocks and check water quality (Anglers’ Association), carry out projects to improve water quality (Natural Park), to guarantee the semi-natural breeding (Vogtland District) in the mussel breeding station (LaNU Nature Protection Fund), plus work on publicity and environmental education (NUZ).

The acquisition of these areas plus past and future measures should ensure the survival of the freshwater pearl mussel and the stabilisation and rejuvenation of stocks in the long term.

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