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Schkeuditz / Elsterwiesen Meadows

Project AreaNorth Saxony District
AcquisitionOctober 2002
Size13.61 ha
Natural Protected Area (NPA)
Fauna-Flora-Habitat (FFH)
Special Protected Area (SPA)
Protected Landscape Area (PLA)
Biotope Protection (§26 SächsNatSchG)
ManagementNABU Saxony State Association

Importance as a Natural Protected Area:

Large areas of the region are dominated by meadows. Oat grass meadows lie in higher areas. In troughs influenced by ground water, there is a predominance of wet meadows which are drained by sedge fens and flood plains. There are landing zones on the many small bodies of water, which are characterised by sedge and reeds, as well as willow bushes.


The wealth of species in the oat grass and wet meadows is particularly worth mentioning, as these are regarded as seriously endangered in Saxony, and they are classed as “Habitats of Common Interest” according to the FFH regulations. This is why the area has special European level protection status.


So far, 120 species of plant have been found in the meadows, including northern bedstraw, willow leaf yellow head, saw wort and veronica longifolia which are all considered to be endangered. These bodies of water also act as spawning ground for amphibians. The strength of the tree frog population is also worth mentioning. In total, over 40 breeding bird types have been found, for example crakes, marsh harriers, penduline tits and grasshopper warblers.


By acquiring the sites, the LaNU Nature Protection Fund ensured their long term preservation and development in the context of nature protection.


Preservation and development:

The area is cut once or twice a year to preserve the meadows.

The rising water table is a problem here, which is making the grassland increasingly wet.

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