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Weißbach / Biotope Meadow

Project AreaErzgebirge District
AcquisitionMarch 2005
Size8.33 ha
Biotope Protection (§26 SächsNatSchG)
ManagementLandschaftspflegeverband e.V. (Countryside Preservation Association) Zschopau/ Flöhatal (LPV)

Importance as a Natural Protected Area:

The area is in a former water intake area, and was brought into the Saxony biotope mapping programme and borders the Natural Monument (NM) “Tiefer Teich” or “Deep Pond”. The NM “Tiefer Teich” is an important habitat for tall perennials, reeds, and sedge, complemented by a wet meadow with willow bushes and is owned by the NABU. This NM is now under the protection of nature conservation law due to the purchase of the biotope by the LaNU Nature Protection Fund.


In this biotope meadow there is a stock of orchard fruit in a new meadow, a sloping area, meagre and dry in nature, as well as an adequately nutritional meadow and a tall perennial meadow. In addition. there is an approximately 1.5 ha reforestation area. The meadow is mainly edged by a hedge with several rows.


As the area is well structured overall, the wealth of species has developed very well in the new meadow land. A wide variety of species (for example oat grass, meadow bed straw, meadow bell flower, meadow hawksbeard and matgrass) is protected, which otherwise may be destroyed by neighbouring intensive farming.


By acquiring the sites, the LaNU Nature Protection Fund has ensured the long term preservation of this area in the context of nature protection.


Conservation and Development:

There is a conservation agreement with the Zschopau/ Flöhatal Countryside Preservation Association.


As a compensating measure for the construction of a neighbouring supermarket, 20 new fruit trees were planted to add to the existing orchard meadow stock. In addition, some conservation work was carried out on an existing, environmentally valuable hedge.

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