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Wurzen-Dehnitz / Wachtelberg-Mühlbachtal

Project AreaLeipzig District
Acquisitionzáří 2003
Size1.67 ha
StatusNatural Protected Area (NPA)
Fauna-Flora-Habitat (FFH)
Protected Landscape Area (PLA)
ManagementNABU Local Group Wurzen

Importance as a Natural Protected Area:

The NPA “Wachtelberg-Mühlbachtal“ has been recognised as an NPA since the 27th of March 1911. making it one of the oldest in Germany. The accolade came about as a result of probably the last incidence of genuine pasque flower in Saxony.


Dry grass areas and rock habitats also encourage the growth of hawkweed, spotted knapweed and prairie junegrass. In addition you will find the Flower of the Year 2001, the bloody geranium. The region is also the habitat of the blue winged grasshopper, the crested newt, the red ant and the tree frog.


As the area has been recognised as an FFH region, it has special European level protection status.

By acquiring the sites, the LaNU Nature Protection Fund has ensured its long term preservation in the context of nature protection.


Conservation and Development:

Preservation work is carried out by the local NABU group in Wurzen. The annual cut is done with a cutter bar, to preserve life in the dry grassland and other plants and organisms.

They also offer excursions and guided tours for environmental education.

Sophie Löbel

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