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The Academy of the Saxony State Foundation for Nature and the Environment has been operating as an educational institution in the Free State of Saxony since 1994. It organises and supports environmental education work right across the Free State of Saxony. The Academy is responsible for the conceptual planning and coordination of extra curricular environmental education in the Free State of Saxony, and maintains contact with environmental education establishments across the state and beyond. It is a member of the working group of the state Educational Centres for Nature and Environmental Protection (BANU).  In addition, the Academy communicates the latest scientific findings from the various specialist areas within nature and environmental protection and so supports the work of increasing awareness within the general public. It works actively to develop networks and encourage the exchange of experiences between environmental institutions within the Free State of Saxony, and acts on behalf of the promotion of environmental education. It also promotes raising of awareness of nature and environmental protection issues amongst the general public. As a centre of excellence for nature and the environment the Academy works with scientific institutions, public offices, action groups and educational institutions in this specialist area.

Regular events are targeted above all at those who can act as multipliers. The aim of these is to encourage everyone to act in an environmentally responsible way and also the general public: “Environmental education is environmental protection”. As well as specialist scientific conferences or events for stakeholders, the Saxony mobile environmental unit “Planaria” is available for schools of any age grade. In addition, young people are attracted and made aware of nature protection issues by means of varied projects with a practical approach. With the range of subjects covered, the Academy is oriented towards people of all ages. It also coordinates environmental education in its network within the Free State of Saxony. The Academy of the Saxony State Foundation for Nature and the Environment is located on two sites across Saxony.


The half year programme of the Academy of the Saxony State Foundation for Nature and the Environment is completely in keeping with the current UN Decade “Education for Sustainable development”.


The concept of Sustainable Development has been developed by the world community to help continue to shape human living in a manner worthy of the name. Above all, it takes education to follow this concept to a successful conclusion.


This programme appeals to many target groups within our society with a very wide range of nature and environmental protection topics, as well as sustainable development. We aim for lively participation at the events, which may lead to impulses and stimulation for environmentally sound and beneficial development within the Free State of Saxony...



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